Smee Timber Ltd has resumed the sawing of logs at its Winsford site after establishing a new £500,000 sawmill.

The company, which previously had logs sawn at Whitmore’s Timber Co Ltd, says the investment in a Brenta band sawmill, a Vollmer in line square-edger, building and service infrastructure will add flexibility and give customers a wider choice of products.

The mill, which specialises in boards from 0.5in upwards and is able to cut up to 30ft lengths, is being used to saw UK, European and African hardwood logs for use by companies in the Smee Timber group including Joseph Gardner & Sons, British Wood Floors and GR Wiltshire & Co.

John McCoy, director at Smee Timber, said the company stopped sawing logs on site about 10-12 years ago but decided to start the operation up again as the market for such products is still proving to be a valuable one.

He said: “We can do wider, longer and quartersawn boards for customers and also special thicknesses.”

&#8220We can do wider, longer and quartersawn boards for customers and also special thicknesses”

John McCoy, director Smee Timber

Michael Smee added: “This new mill will give us the facility to provide custom-cut hardwood to the highest specification.”

The company, which does not import any manufactured items, also sources containerised square-edged and kiln dried timber from the US and Africa.

Smee Timber, which is looking to acquire extra land around its 17-acre Winsford site to facilitate further growth, says certification is becoming a growing issue. It is experiencing increasing demand, including from government projects, for its large stockholding of FSC timber.