Can I be boring? I want to talk about British and European Standards.

Are you still with me?

Isn’t that what most people do when this gets raised – switch off? Don’t!

Last week the TTF circulated advice to members explaining how the new European Structural Standard for timber will require a recalculation of some companies’ machine settings and markings. And don’t get me started on roof battens! How are you labelling carcassing sizes? I could go on.

The point is that these standards really matter to the market. They can sever companies from their customers and open the door to our competing building materials if they are not in tune with the market.

The TTF devotes a huge amount of effort to representing the trade on these issues. It was good to see TRADA advertising for someone to advise its members on standards. It recognises how important standards are. But does the trade?

Standards allow the industry to develop and enhance its reputation with its customers. They enable us to sell products that they know will do the job the way they want it done. They will earn us respect for our professionalism.

Similarly our behavioural standards like the TTF’s Code of Conduct set a level of good practice that gives our customers confidence they can do business with us.

So if you are awake, I look forward to seeing the likes of Bovis Lend Lease boss, Andrew Kinsey, patting you on the back at the TTF’s Annual Conference on October 11. He will be joined by other parts of our customer base telling us just what they really think of our industry.

If, however, you fell asleep, you missed… well, you’ll find out when it’s too late.