Gripsure has been hard at work bringing bespoke bamboo decking to a number of projects. As a sustainable resource with a durability and finish akin to hardwood, the company says that bamboo decking is the next step in eco-architecture – and the perfect addition to recent projects in Lewisham and Paultons Park.

A family favourite theme park in the UK, Paultons Park sees visitors coming in all kinds of weather. Providing grippy flooring for customers getting on and off the rides, as well as around the park itself, was an important part of safety and enjoyability – but it shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment.

The Paultons Park project brought Gripsure’s Bamboo N-Durance and X-treme anti-slip decking to locations across the site. From queueing areas and loading platforms to an external garden walk and a balcony, these new decks have brought sleek visuals and safe footing for the park’s staff and visitors.

Gripsure’s bamboo decking was used across the Paultons Park site

The park’s previous anti-slip solution had been failing, with the old rubber crumb product rotting from underneath due to pooling water and mould. The new bamboo decking provided by Gripsure ensures longevity to these sections, with up to a 25- year warranty, along with the added benefits to sustainability and safety from the nature of the bamboo and the anti-slip inserts.

“I am very pleased to see our collaboration with Gripsure bring to life our vision of combining safety, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability within our theme park,” said James Mancey, deputy managing director of Paultons Park.

“The introduction of Gripsure’s bamboo decking across our site not only enhances the visual appeal of our park but also aligns with our commitment to providing a safe, enjoyable and eco-friendly experience for all our visitors,” added Mr Mancey. “This initiative reflects our dedication to innovation and our responsibility towards the planet, ensuring Paultons Park remains a cherished destination for families, while leading by example in environmental stewardship.”

Meanwhile, one of the 35 major centres in Greater London, a new development of flats in Lewisham sparked another opportunity for Gripsure’s cladding and decking. In keeping with the aesthetics, safety, and sustainability needs of the project, bamboo was chosen as the ideal solution.

The Lewisham project brought the appealing aesthetics and reliable durability of the Bamboo X-treme product to a number of applications across the site. The sustainable bamboo decking was used as the flooring for an external pergola with a seating area, while a cladding solution was applied as a decorative finish for raised planters in the garden area of a new series of flats.

The bamboo decking provides a great non-slip surface for outdoor activities, keeping people safe regardless of the weather conditions. The cladding, on the other hand, stems the effect of weathering while providing additional detail to this populated area.