The Canadian government developed the Super E programme as a key vehicle to showcase, internationally, the versatility and efficiency of Canadian value-added building products, services and expertise in housing construction.

In particular, through Super E, Canada aims to highlight the country as not only a source of high quality, value-added wood products, but also a capable and reliable supplier of affordable solutions that take advantage of the benefits of the Canadian wood frame system in providing structurally sound, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible housing systems.

The presence of Super E and Canada at Interbuild comes as a direct result of the positive response Canadian building product suppliers have received from the UK construction industry and consumers to Canadian wood frame housing.

I believe that the versatility and enduring aesthetic appeal of wood has never been stronger than today. Both builders and designers in the UK are learning from Canadians about exciting and innovative ways to use wood products, including

the use of new engineered wood products that offer even more opportunities for wood construction.

Wood brings the best of everything – proven construction benefits, along with sound environmental advantages. I think that makes wood the natural choice for today’s designers and builders. It also satisfies the four basic principles of green building: reducing energy use during the building service life, minimising external pollution and environmental damage, reducing embodied energy and resource depletion, and minimalising internal pollution and damage to health, all of which are encompassed by the Super E programme.

The Canada Wood programme, a strategic alliance of Canadian value-added wood products associations, supports the Super E programme. Together with our Super E federal partners, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Canadian High Commission, we are proud to be participating this year in Interbuild.