Jean Rennie, deputy director-general, Timber Trade Federation (TTF)

I was saddened by the reported controversy over the future criteria for membership of Forests Forever (TTJ May 4).

The Federation‘s message is simple. In order that this industry can go forward in a strong and cohesive manner, the Federation needs the support of all com-panies involved in timber and timber products. The more com-panies that join the Federation and participate in its many activities, the stronger its voice.

The TTF warmly welcomes those companies that currently participate in Forests Forever but have not yet taken that one step further into Federation membership.

Federation members obviously acknowledge and support what we do for the industry, despite the fact that the effect we have also benefits those companies (and in some cases competitors) who do not currently contribute. Clearly, they recognise the bigger picture that the real competition is not within the industry but the competing materials outside of it.

We have written directly to the current non-TTF members of Forests Forever and we shall be making a concerted effort to reach each of them personally over the coming months.

I take this opportunity to offer an open invitation to those companies to join, contribute and participate in the activities that TTF members currently enjoy.