There’s a big drive on building sites and projects to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Any jobs that over-run can incur extra costs, either in labour or hours that can’t be billed in the case of a fixed-cost project.

In order to get the work done effectively, using the right tool or product is critical. Not only the right product but also a high-quality product to make sure the job is done right first time. As demands on time and saving costs increase, fixings and fastener products need to keep evolving to make sure they are still fit for the times we work in. Not only this, but products need to last longer to ensure they are not just ‘throw away’ time-limited products that need replacing a few years down the line.

Steeling the Lead

One development in these products is the ever-expanding use of stainless steel as a material. Not only is stainless steel more suitable for outdoor use due to its noncorrosive properties but, as you will know if you’re working with oak, stainless steel products are essential. Any other metal material will be attacked by the acid within the wood and will be corroded.

In addition, stainless steel is renowned for its strength and long life making it the ideal choice in projects that need to be done right first time.

As a direct result of seeing an increase in stainless steel fixings being used, we have extended TIMco’s stainless steel index hex head screw range by adding new lengths and also added a wafer head range. We have also introduced a stainless steel pan head range of screws which are available in 15 different sizes.

We are seeing that more and more people are using ‘tougher’ cement board in their projects where required.

For bathroom or tiling projects in particular, cement board adds resistance and strength to walls and floors providing a better long-term performance than traditional plaster board.

As a result, we have introduced a new type of screw specifically for use with cement board and also made from stainless steel. This product addition reflects our company’s commitment of becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for builders’ merchants and is complemented by a range of diamond blades for cutting the board too.

Because of this demand for stainless steel, our offering in the material continues to expand within our staple range and we would expect to see further additions in 2020.

In addition, to complement our range of zinc carriage bolts and Taurus Ironmongery range, we have added a range of hot dipped galvanised bolts which have been designed specifically to stand up to harsher external environments.

Of course, it’s not just about fixings and fasteners these days. Although we started with screws in 1972, today we offer more than 7,000 products to the construction industry.