I am pleased to see more people recognising the importance of timber training within the industry. Since I’ve completed my own training the opportunities have been endless and, with wood being such a complex material, I learn something new every day, which I really enjoy.
With such a rapidly growing market, timber and other associated products are being used more and more within the building industry, as in many other industries. With companies starting to recognise this they are prepared to put more resources into timber training as this will help to increase sales within what is already a strong market.
During my own timber training towards the IWSc certificate I had many great experiences, such as visiting the sawmill at BSW in Carlisle. Seeing how much time and preparation goes into the selection and processing of timber was a real eye-opener. I also visited International Timber in Manchester to see the distribution aspect of timber sales, which again taught me a lot and also broke down the training so it wasn’t all theory. The practical side was just as valid.
Since I’ve completed my own training, the IWSc certificate and won the title of TTJ Trainee of the Year 2004, my career as escalated. I have been promoted within my company and have gained a lot more responsibility which I thrive on.
I would certainly strongly advise anybody thinking of participating in any timber training to get stuck in, as the opportunities are there to be taken. On the back of my success Jewson is now putting more resources into timber training which is certain to be a win-win situation.

  • <i>This year’s TTJ Career Development Award is still open for entries.