The company said a Weinig E7 automatic infeed system, part of a £175,000 spend on new handling equipment, has helped it increase its production output and improve efficiency and stock accuracy.

The Weinig machine has been installed at Arnold Laver’s Mosborough site, the company’s national production centre, and, according to the company, separates timber bundles, lines up timber pieces and feeds them into the moudling machine at twice the speed of manual processes.

Arnold Laver said that this has given its production centre more flexibility and allowed it to turn around customers’ orders with a shorter lead time.

“[It] is already proving to be money well spent with production gains of 30%,” said Andy Bowler, operations director at the Mosbrough site. “It highlights our commitment to continuous improvement and modernisation at our national production centre.”

The E7 automatic infeed system is working in conjunction with an A7 automatic handling machine that Arnold Laver installed in March 2006 as part of a £350,000 investment in handling equipment at the factory.

The company said the investment is designed to keep its national production centre “at the forefront of its market”.