Weinig‘s latest offering, the Conturex, has been unveiled to the world’s media as a “new production philosophy”.

The launch, at Weinig’s Tauberbischofsheim headquarters on February 16, presented the Conturex profiling centre as a solution for complete solid wood processing requirements.

The technology, which can saw, mill, drill and mould, has been developed as a response to changing market trends, including a demand for smaller batch sizes and a larger variety of components.

Conturex’s features include the grip-feed table, currently registered for a patent, with the PowerGrip function for positioning components.

PowerGrip is designed to copy the grip of the human hand, eliminating the need for fixing devices. Clamps on the grip-feed table hold on to components in exact positions.

Anti-skid technology enables different cross-sections of components to be processed, with even very small parts able to be machined on all six sides.

Another innovation is the use of dual processing stations, each equipped with tool-storage magazines, which allows continuous processing and eliminates set-up times.

Weinig says almost any contour can be produced on the Conturex, thanks to the 80-tool storage capacity of each magazine and a variable speed control for adjusting to any type of wood.

The Conturex can manufacture every component needed for furniture products, rather than rely on different machines producing individual parts. This, Weinig says, enables faster reaction to customer orders, short delivery times and dramatically reduces stock-keeping.

Chairman Rainer Hunsdörfer said: “The Conturex, with its new revolutionary technology, will fundamentally change the production philosophy in the course of the next years.”

The Conturex, available in three different sizes (1.5m, 2.25m and 3m processing lengths), will cost from €350,000-500,000 depending on specification.