Weinig set up a sizeable corner of its extensive stand for demonstrations of the new Conturex profiling centre technology which it launched earlier this year.

And such was the interest in the hourly shows of the system, which chairman Rainer Hunsdörfer said would fundamentally change production philosophy, that Weinig staff had to give up their seats to visitors.

“The response has been superb and we’ve sold a machine to a Dutch window maker at the show,” said Weinig (UK) sales manager Malcolm Cuthbertson.

The CNC-controlled Conturex system undertakes solid wood sawing, milling, drilling and sanding in one operation, and uses a new ultra-accurate clamping system, PowerGrip.

Another development pulling the crowds was the latest, higher speed version of the OptiCut 450 Quantum optimising saw from group member Dimter, which is capable of 450 cuts per minute.

Also from Dimter was the Profipress laminating press with pressing times of under a minute, using a high frequency heating system and “densely packed individual pressure elements.”

  Among the latest developments in the Powermat moulder range, Weinig showed the 2000 model, putting it through a “chameleon” demonstration which meant changing tool configuration to step the machine up from 20m/min throughput to the maximum 100m/min using a six-block set up.