Weinmann, the German manufacturer of machinery for the timber frame sector, has introduced several models to the market.

Its Optimat WMS 100 and 120 multi-function bridges are now equipped with a five-axis vector unit which features a 400mm saw blade for automatic cutting at any angle.

The unit can be installed in any main spindle, as well as supplied to existing Weinmann multi-function bridges which are equipped with a main spindle and a power control.

Marketing manager Jürgen Klaus said the vector’s flexibility is noticeable for processing solid wood components or sloping wall parts for items such as bay windows. Work previously done manually, such as cutting of drips or mitre cuts for wall outlets, is now handled by the unit.

Another highlight is a new model in Weinmann’s beam processing range, the WBZ 150 which is equipped with a tool changer. It is designed for a wide range of users, from home builders to carpentry operations – anybody who needs cutting work for producing wall, roof and flooring elements.

Its capabilities include compound rectangular cuts, halved joints and routing of notches.