Interbuild VIP guest TV botanist and environmental campaigner David Bellamy admitted he was a fan of timber frame construction.

Dr Bellamy, who launched a new show feature, The Village, which showcased energy efficient construction methods, described Elements Europe’s Ty Unnos timber house as “genius”.

The two-storey home, made from engineered low grade Welsh softwood, was one of four displays in the Village.

Dr Bellamy said if the government got its act sorted on the environment then he could stop campaigning and would like to live in a Ty Unnos pod.

“This is about finding a use for Welsh trees, not just burning them but turning them into structural things,” he said.

Dr Bellamy later told TTJ that he was no longer a fan of the Forest Stewardship Council, expressing concerns that it was a paper-based system without enough checking of forest management on the ground.

He also doesn’t believe in global warming and drew a diagram for TTJ to show how temperatures have fluctuated naturally through the centuries.