Nailplates have changed little in 30-40 years but now Wolf Systems has developed a new plate that provides enhanced performance using less steel.

To create the FSPX field splice plate, Wolf effectively took an existing plate and rolled and folded the edges. The result is a plate that’s 50% stronger.

“If you take a traditional nailplate which is 1.25mm thick and roll and fold the edges it gives a thickness of 2.5mm at the edges, making it much stronger but only in the areas that need to be stronger,” said sales and marketing director Karl Foster.

“Our customers are getting increased performance but using less material.”

The FSPX will also work in situations where field splice plates could not be used in the past. “The new FSPX will work for particularly large attic trusses or unusual designs,” said Mr Foster.

Wolf is now working on applying the technology to other connectors in its range of nailplates.

“We’ve taken the basic nailplate that’s been around for 40 years and adapted it for the field splice plate but we can use the technology on other standard nailplates too,” said Mr Foster.