While Len Yull’s attempt to link Tetrapak’s resignation from the WWF Forest and Trade Network (WWF-UK FTN) to the FSC /PEFC debate (WWF stands in way May 1/8) is creative, it is wholly incorrect.

Tetrapak resigned from the WWF-UK FTN following the introduction of strengthened membership commitments which it was not able to adhere to. The company’s departure was nothing to do with WWF’s recognition of FSC as currently the only credible independent certification system.

In principle, WWF will support any high quality forest certification system that actually improves forest management on the ground, ensures indigenous people’s rights are met, biodiversity protected and ancient woodland conserved. When the PEFC system is able to demonstrate that it can deliver on all of these fronts, WWF will willingly support it.

The WWF-UK FTN seeks to work with companies committed to promoting legal trade, encouraging credible certification in countries where, to date, is has not worked and to improving the environmental profile of their supply chains. This pragmatic and focused set of requirements is supported by its more than 60 members including Travis Perkins, Jewson and B&Q.

Rather than standing in the way of ‘sustainable forestry management’ the WWF-UK FTN continues to be the doorway for many leading companies that want to tackle the real issues and challenges that come to those that take responsibility.

Robert Napier

Chief executive, WWF-UK