Len Yull, chairman of PEFC UK Ltd, says the WWF‘s support for the FSC has made it an obstacle to SFM

The news that Tetra Pak had resigned from the WWF 95+ Group, was sad but inevitable. From being the solution to sustainable forest management (SFM), questions, WWF and the renamed WWF Forest and Trade Network have become obstacles, as a result of their demand for exclusivity and a monopoly position for FSC. They have rejected proposals for mutual recognition with other schemes and appear unwilling to listen to the concerns of those operating in the wood chain. I suspect more resignations will follow.

By contrast, PEFC, which is the largest forest management certification umbrella in the world, endorsed by the United Nations Forestry Forum, and an association member of the International Accreditation Forum, complies with internationally accepted criteria for credibility and is recognised as being both user-friendly and totally transparent. Clearly this message is not getting across if Tetra Pak is unaware that the material it sources from Finland is endorsed by PEFC.

PEFC continues to strive for an expansion of SFM on a global basis, and to reach agreement on shared systems with FSC to simplify the task of industry. But you can only lead a horse to water!