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A Woodmart for the world 17 September, 2012 Malaysia’s Global Woodmart promises to be bigger, better and more international in 2012. Mike Jeffree reports

Russian mills raise their game with quality supply 29 October, 2011 Demand for Russian timber is holding up in a tough global market, and what many mills are supplying is top quality

Russian shippers adopt bullish stance 14 May, 2011 Russian shipments to the UK are arriving after severe winter conditions caused delays. Russian mills’ inventories are on the low side, while in the UK, terminal operators are tightly controlling redwood stocks

Softwood mills safe from forest fires 21 August, 2010 Russian softwood shipments are available, at a price, but British buyers are taking a cautious approach to the forward market

Russian output limited 06 March, 2010 As Russia’s timber industry recovers slightly this year shippers will favour the best-priced markets

Importers buy forward but fear shippers may cut prices 19 September, 2009 UK supplies of Russian softwood are tight and fewer major quay operators are landing full cargoes

Importers buy little and often to control stocks 13 September, 2008 UK importers are delaying buying full cargoes from Russia in the hope that they can balance their specifications from Scandinavia and manage stock levels down until demand improves

Exports steady but rates rise could rock the boat 10 May, 2008 Russian trade is doing well in the current climate but proposed changes to business rates in the UK is another pressure for buyers

Russian volumes build 19 January, 2008 Russian timber traders have returned from holiday to find whitewood prices still relatively weak and redwood holding firm. Two factors will determine the pricing structure in the first quarter: production and currency exchange rates

Production curb necessary to keep check on supply 13 October, 2007 The Russian softwood market mirrors the situation across the rest of northern Europe, with whitewood prices weakening due to oversupply and redwood still holding firm. UK importers are battling against each other for business, and to reduce their stock levels

Complexity grows in Russian market 09 June, 2007 With further price increases for redwood expected, the Russian market for joinery grades is set to remain firm. But carcassing whitewood prices have weakened as volumes of lower grade Canadian lumber have entered the Mediterranean market

Mild weather cools Russian supplies 20 January, 2007 Milder winter weather is affecting Russian logging schedules and it could impact on supplies for the rest of the year

Shortages force importers to act quickly 16 September, 2006 Demand for Russian timber is outstripping supply, and what is available often goes to markets prepared to pay more than the UK

Shortages force interest in forward business 01 April, 2006 Since the time when Exportles was the state controlling agent for wood exports, the Russian timber market has undergone many transitions. With many of the mills struggling to finance running costs and to pay for raw material in the free market, closures and reduced production blighted the industry.

Russian forestry still in need of structural reform 26 November, 2005 Official figures show output rising in most parts of Russia's forest products sector. But industry and fiscal reform is still needed to boost long-term prospects

Putin rules out privatisation of Russia's forests 06 August, 2005 There have been so many amendments to Russia's Forest Code – including decisions on forest ownership – that some say it is unworkable, but the government still plans to have it adopted by the end of the year

Structural problems still hampering Russia 28 May, 2005 Few industry observers are feeling positive about the Russian timber industry as the rate of growth continues to slow

Disappointment as 2004 fails to fulfill expectations 08 January, 2005 The small boom in Russia's timber industry had evaporated by the end of the year and the country's new forest code is blamed, in part, for the slower growth

Proposed Forestry Code continues to cause divisions 16 October, 2004 The government believes the new Forestry Code will make Russia a world leader but the timber industry has other views

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