Available in multiple sizes, configurations and routing/cutting depth options, the ‘0’ series incorporates a proprietary carbide coating system that provides enhanced protection against tool deterioration caused by abrasion, erosion, galling and fretting. This ensures constant razor-sharp cut edges and a superior mirror surface finish to the materials being processed, whilst minimising problems frequently encountered when standard spiral tools are employed.

The Amana ‘0’ series of tools will process a wide range of disparate materials. Typically, these include aluminium and aluminium composites (ACM), non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, alloys like brass, bronze and copper and foamed and corrugated board.

These latest Amana additions, which are likely to be expanded in the future, complement other special-purpose tools available through AAG’s CNCShop Division. These include the Marathon Compression Tool for solid and particle woods, a Diamond Cutting Tool for acrylic and various plastics and a Long Reach Tool for the processing of foam and similar ‘soft’ materials that require a deeper cut capability.