Accsys Technologies has appointed importer/exporter 3A as agent for its Accoya modified timber in France.

3A has been in business 30 years, importing timber from American, Asia and Africa.

“They’re the ideal partner for Accoya,” said Accsys sales manager for France Hans Seelen. “It’s an important market for Accoya and we trust 3A’s expertise to spread the word about it.”

3A director Thierry Aubourg said there was “tremendous potential for Accoya in France” including exploring new applications for the material

“There’s no equivalent for it in the market,” he said.

Earlier in October Accsys appointed Spanish importer Primawood as agent for Accoya in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Accoya is produced through an acetylation process which increases the number of acetyl molecules. This reduces wood’s ability to absorb water, making it more dimensionally stable and durable.