Laminate flooring manufacture Alloc has taken the wraps off a national television advertising campaign designed to boost demand for its timber-effect floors.

The TV campaign – the first for the company, which is not prepared to say how much is being spent – is to feature up to 150 adverts screened until June 22 on digital channels UK Gold and UK Style.

The commercials will appear in breaks between programmes such as Birds of a Feather, EastEnders and Home Front.

The adverts feature a TV studio where the star presented on a makeover programme is late, forcing the film crew to take it into their own hands to install Alloc flooring.

Alloc managing director Barry James said: ‘Laminate flooring is already on a roll in the UK, but with this new television commercial we are trying to demonstrate that Alloc has some special characteristics in terms of ease of installation and the good looks of the finished job.’

Mr James added that the campaign was being aired at the right time, following a series of recent national newspaper reports suggesting that carpets acted like toxic sponges, ‘sucking up dangerous amounts of poisons and pollutants dragged into the home by pets and on shoes’.

The campaign ties in with the rebranding of the Norske Skog range as Alloc. The Norske Skog portfolio is now available as AllocHome, Alloc Original and Alloc Universal.