The company says the machine represents the fastest method of manufacturing open web beams in a single workstation, making it a game-changer for industries relying on efficient beam production.

Key features of the machine quoted by AV Birch are:

Exceptional speed and efficiency: With very fast and efficient cycle times, the Uni-Roll 750 quickly embeds webs and plates along the beam length, ensuring rapid production without compromising quality.

Consistent high-quality beams: The rolling of plates and webs produces beams with consistent and precise dimensions, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Powerful mechanical clamping: This feature ensures beams are manufactured to exact dimensions without the need for pre-assembly of frames, streamlining the production process.

Clear open working surface: The clamping mechanism is located under the table, providing a clear and unobstructed working surface for ease of use.

Versatility: The machine is also capable of producing parallel chord roof trusses.

Increased productivity: Beams can be pressed in pairs, further enhancing productivity. Additionally, different width tables are available for wider beams or pairing beams together.

“One touch” remote control: The dual-direction head, controlled remotely with “One touch” technology, significantly reduces production times.

Safety features: Equipped with safety photoelectric cell sensors, the machine ensures operator protection at all times.

Automatic stop mechanism: The automatic stop feature allows the machine to park at both ends of the table, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

“In our continued commitment to the growth of the timber engineering industry and knowing how the Uni-Roll 750 will help businesses grow and develop, we wanted to make it more affordable,” said Scott Heyes, director at AV Birch. “It was the logical step to offer a finance offer and we are delighted that we can now make this brilliant machine a possibility for even more businesses.”

The Uni-Roll 750 and many of AV Birch’s other timber engineering solutions, including the new Auto-Press 5.0 machine can be seen at the company’s inaugural open days on July 3-4. Book your place here Contact AV Birch – Expert Engineering Solutions