Established in April 1992, GreCon is located just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne and is a member of the Germany-based Fagus-GreCon Group.

The company has seen growth after a positive year in 2019 and is marking its anniversary by sending virtual slices of ‘Detector cake’.

“We achieved double-digit percentage growth last year despite a lot of industry uncertainty surrounding Brexit,” said Jonathan Hamill, MD of GreCon Ltd.

“This has placed us in an even better position to look after our customers. We invested in a new remote support solution; Satellite, which allows us to connect to customer systems remotely to provide a faster response and diagnostic service”.

As part of the response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the GreCon team have been focused on helping customers in critical industries, including travelling to their sites where needed.

“I’ve thanked our team for their efforts, for staying at home when they've been asked to, coming to work when we need them and for finding new ways to adapt to this challenging situation,” added Mr Hamill.

This team has expanded, with Tom Burniston re-joining the business as head of sales in 2019, while new recruits include Nathan Ashford joining as technical sales manager and Beth Williamson who joined during 2019 has recently been promoted to an inside sales role to look after business development and sales of critical spare parts.