As BM TRADA Certification Ltd’s growth in the UK and overseas continues Alan Gower and Alasdair McGregor have been appointed to the new role of business development executive, each responsible for a different range of certification services.

In their new roles, they will be responsible for identifying, researching and bringing to market new certification services, which integrate well with the existing portfolio.

Alan Gower joined BM TRADA in 1994 and led the development of certification schemes for environmental, and health and safety management systems, so will investigate new opportunities in related areas, as well as taking a key role in client relationship management.

With more than 10 years’ experience in chain of custody certification, Alasdair McGregor will develop offshoot products, such as FSC’s Project Chain of Custody scheme. And as industry grapples with issues such as carbon offsetting and life cycle analysis, he will seek to investigate how to set them into the certification context.