Headed up by business development director, Andy Green, the business has undertaken an eight-month process to achieve validation from the ICW, which included examination, training and audits.

ISO 44001 is the first international standard in the world to address collaborative business relationships, which have been shown to enhance competitiveness and performance, in areas such as cost management, resource efficiencies, risk management and innovation.

“There has been a real increase in market demand for ISO 44001 in the last two years, with more businesses adopting collaborative business approaches, and demanding it from their supply chain – including a number of high profile projects in the rail and infrastructure sectors,” said Andy Green. “As we set out in this ‘new normal’ that we find ourselves in, collaboration is more important than ever before, as we will all need to work together to survive and continue to thrive.

“We’re extremely proud to have been formally recognised by ICW, demonstrating our expertise in this area and enhancing our strong portfolio of management systems certification. We hope that the next stage in this process will be to elevate BM TRADA to be a first choice certification body for ISO 44001.”

“Developing and publishing a standard is only part of the story when it comes to collaborative working,” added David Hawkins, chief operating officer at ICW. “Its true value comes from effective implementation and – where certification is concerned – in the integrity of those undertaking certifying. We are delighted that BM TRADA chose to join ICW’s executive network, but even more so that they elected to go further and sign up to the institute’s validation programme. We congratulate them on achieving this goal and are thrilled they will be part of a core group of certification bodies supporting both the intent and integrity of the standard to deliver true value to those organisations they serve.”

BM TRADA was presented with approved status at the ICW Annual Collaborative Working Reception on May 14. Due to be held at the House of Lords, this year the event took place as online event.