The company is buying a fleet of nine sideloaders from Bulmor Lancer as part of a replacement programme that includes supply, maintenance and support. The value of the deal was not disclosed, but John Brash said it represented major savings of resources and greater optimisation of the fleet.

John Brash is re-equipping with the Qr 50, which Bulmor Lancer describes as a compact heavy duty workhorse, which matches the footprint of the Lancer 556 sideloaders they will replace.

The new vehicle, however, has greater manoeuvreability with a shorter wheelbase that increases agility in tight storage areas. The Qr 50 also has the latest Perkins four-cylinder engine, recognised as the high performance standard in the industry.

A spokesperson for Bulmor Lancer said: "The replacement programme integrated a valued single source total logistic solution, especially in the form of ongoing maintenance, all repairs, safety inspections and support equipment. The unique concept of the sideloader is ideal for the nature and shapes of the trade with inherent advantages for health and safety compliance."