The value of solid wood exports from Brazil increased 14% year-on-year during February, according to figures from the International Tropical Timber Organisation’s latest timber market report.

Solid wood export values rose from US$289m in 2007 to US$329.5m this year.

Tropical plywood, pine plywood, tropical sawnwood and pine sawnwood all witnessed increases year-on-year, with pine sawnwood rising 26.9% from US$17.5m to US$22.2m.

This equates to an 18.8% increase in volume of pine sawnwood exported from Brazil, which reached 109,100m3 in February.

The volume of pine plywood exported also went up, by 46% to 147,520m3, although the volume of tropical hardwood and tropical sawnwood exported fell by 8.6% and 9.8% respectively.