The showroom includes products from BSW Group member businesses BSW Timber and BSW Timber Solutions, as well as three-ply timber produced by parent company Binderholz.

This includes internal products such as flooring, cladding, skirting and door frames, as well as a range of fencing and landscaping products, such as incised posts, decorative sleepers and composite decking.

BSW’s IRO Timber and BSW Composites ranges have also been used to bring the showroom to life, delivering what the company refers to as “an IKEA-esque” vibe for visitors to the Staffordshire site.

The main office areas, and several meeting rooms, have also been revamped, with hallways being decorated with graphics of the new BSW Group branding and nods to the company’s history.

“People know BSW Timber for construction timber, but the new showroom gives us a space to showcase the full product range,” said Niall Spence, marketing manager at BSW Timber. “It allows us to open up more conversations about our mix of timber products, which is the most comprehensive in the country.

“Being in a central location was a key part of our decision, as our sawmills, in Carlisle or Newbridge for example, would be too far for many of our customers to travel to.”

With one room showing how indoor spaces can be transformed by utilising internal timber products, such as cladding and architraves, the outdoor space incorporates several different styles and colour schemes for the timber products on offer, from tongue and groove boards to composite fencing, which helps to illustrate just how the ideas of end users can come to life.

“We wanted to go beyond delivering a range of samples, and instead promote to our customers the vision for the products they are buying,” said Mr Spence. “The aim is to inspire our customers – mostly merchants and DIY stores – by showing them how products can come together to create stunning, natural environments.”

“Remote working during the pandemic created a unique opportunity to completely revamp our head office space,” said Damon Hughes, general manager at BSW Timber Solutions in Stoke. “With support from an external company, we designed our downstairs space to be more welcoming to both colleagues and visitors, while the marketing team supported this with the new showroom.

“Upstairs, next to the showroom, we created and modernised meeting rooms with breakout areas, for those moments of peace or focus which are often needed. What we have achieved is a more inviting and usable space that colleagues not only enjoy making use of but can also feel proud of.”

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