BSW Timber’s Constructive Timber Training Course (CTTC), designed to explode myths surrounding timber, has seen its 500th customer complete the course.

Tony Thomas of Wimbledon Build Center completed the CTTC at Build Center’s High Wycombe site under the guidance of external trainer Jim Coulson.

Bryan Crennell, BSW marketing manager, said the company had a duty and responsibility to train stockists on the basics and characteristics of timber.

“We believe that through this type of training, we will motivate and excite about timber products,” said Mr Crennell.

The milestone follows BSW’s decision to offer hundreds of additional merchants the opportunity to sign-up for the training over the next 12 months.

The day-long course, designed to give merchant staff a better understanding of timber’s uses, focuses on hard and softwoods, the properties of wood and the effect of different-added value processes.