BSW Timber plans to create 25 new full-time jobs at its sawmill at Newbridge-on-Wye, Powys.

The announcement follows conditional planning consent for the Newbridge mill to extend its working hours.

BSW has already invested £1.8m in the Newbridge mill this year with the installation of two 3MW biomass boilers to provide process heat for kiln drying timber.

This adds to the £6m already invested in the mill during the past five years, which already employs 120 staff, making it the largest single site sawmill in Wales.

“This conditional planning permission will allow us to operate more effectively and efficiently on site, and significantly increase production levels at the mill,” said Dave Burd, Newbridge mill manager.

“This is good news for the business and good news for the local area as we continue to expand our workforce at the mill.”