Bespoke courses have been installed in all four of Buttle’s branches – in Leighton Buzzard, Enfield, Kentish Town, and St Albans – using products that they sell as the teams embark on a first official fund-raising event.

With boxing icon Frank Bruno set to turn 60 this month, the Buttle’s team is now inviting clients and suppliers down to put their golf skills to the test and help raise funds for the foundation.

Commercial manager Hannah Brunton has seen a rise in inter-branch competition since the courses were installed.

“It’s been great to get a bit of healthy competition going between our branches, have a bit of fun and raise some money in the process,” she said.

“We thought we’d bring the old adage about doing business on the golf course to life in our branches and the idea to build our own crazy golf holes was set. We’ve been delighted by the enthusiasm from the branch teams in creating the courses and the friendly competition it has created between customers, suppliers, and our teams.”

The Frank Bruno Foundation delivers a Round by Round 12-week well-being and non-contact boxing programme which is complemented by a need-led wraparound support service. It has been developed for anyone aged 13 and above with a considered early assessment led intervention since they were 10 years old.

Building self-esteem, confidence, resilience, and discipline are key ambitions the foundation sets out to achieve with programme participants, while also raising public awareness of mental ill health.

The in-store golf course event will run until Friday, November 12.

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