The BWF, which represents the joinery sector and firms involved in the manufacture of staircases, doors, windows, interiors and architectural joinery, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Structural Timber Association (STA), which represents firms in the structural timber products sector including major timber frame manufacturers.

Their joint contribution to the UK economy of the sectors they represent is estimated to be around £4bn a year.

“The BWF is continuing to build long-term, cooperative relationships with organisations which share our vision and values for the growth of the UK wood products manufacturing sector,” said David Pattenden, BWF president.

“There are many areas in which our interests overlap, including health and safety culture, managing specification through the supply chain, promoting the advantages of timber, quality management, fair payments, and training and skills issues. We know we can achieve more for our members by working together in this way.”

Lawrence Young, chairman of the STA, said the MOU would help provide a framework for regular communication and complementary activities.

“We will be sharing information and best practice, regularly bringing the organisations together at member and staff levels,” he said.

The MOU sets out plans for the two organisations to collaborate on promotional activities, principally through Wood for Good, and to share and collaborate on research on issues such as fire safety, site practice and sustainability.

They will combine their lobbying on apprenticeships, and explore options for a shared CPD framework.

The two organisations will also promote health and safety best practice, a common approach to fair payments throughout the supply chain, along with supporting each other’s accreditation and certification activities and codes of conduct.