Joinery manufacturer Fallowfield Projects Ltd has used the British Woodworking Federation’s (BWF’s) Total Support Service (TSS) package to achieve the British Standards Institute Kitemark for its stormproof timber casement windows.

Fallowfield achieved the quality mark through the Timber Window Accreditation Scheme and said it was aided by TSS, which offered “all the guidance and help we needed”.

The firm added that it expected to earn back the cost of using TSS through sales as the BSI Kitemark demonstrates the quality of its products.

“[TSS] was a very worthwhile investment for us because we got all the guidance and help we needed to get us through the process, from the co-ordination of the practical side of the testing to the lengthy paperwork,” said managing director Ward Fallowfield.

“It is important for us to demonstrate to our customers that our windows have been tested and accredited by an independent body and we expect that the return on our investment will be apparent in our sales figures and our customer response.”

BWF chief executive Richard Lambert said that Fallowfield’s receipt of the BSI Kitemark was an example of how TSS can help companies get accreditation and “enhance their reputation”.