Bringing forward the final implementation of new European strength graded structural timber standard EN 14081 could cause problems for continental European timber suppliers, according to the UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

A recent decision to bring forward final implementation to January 2012 is a potential problem for timber firms which operate in countries (not UK) where CE marking is already compulsory.

“It only gives people six months for final implementation and we have concerns that may not be enough to get themselves organised,” said TTF head of technical and trade policy.

Mr Bolton said the question of how the standard’s implementation will be enforced remained.

“But you could have a situation in France where wood is not allowed on a building site because it’s not CE marked.”

UK softwood and hardwood timber importers will also have to get use to the sight of CE marking on imported European timber.

CE marking is due for UK implementation in July 2013. TTJ understands the UK government is cool towards the standard because of the additional layer of bureaucracy.