Companies that knowingly transgress the Timber Trade Federation‘s Code of Conduct could not be members of the federation, chief executive John White said this week.

Addressing the Bristol Channel & Western Timber Association, Mr White said “the price for our reputation and the reputation of wood is too high”.

However, rather than supporting the “wholesale expulsions” called for by NGOs, which he dismissed as “just gesture politics”, Mr White said he wanted to work with the companies.

“I am interested in getting companies in the federation committed to the best environmental practice actively working toward delivering that and using the TTF to help,” he said.

The Code of Conduct was a clear sign that the industry knew it had to adhere to the highest standards and the Responsible Purchasing Policy provided the tools to deliver it.

While Mr White said he had not seen a better example of “how industry and public policy development and delivery have been so closely and constructively evolved,” the Code had to change.

“We need to make it clearer and simpler and we do have to enforce it,” he said.