Construction output growth has slowed sharply since the beginning of the year according to the latest Construction Products Association (CPA) trade survey.

Product manufacturers’ expectations for the third quarter are mixed with three-quarters of light side firms anticipating a rise in sales volumes, compared to just a quarter of heavy side firms.

CPA economics director Alan Wilén said the slowdown in sales growth has resulted from a weakening in private sector construction activity, at a time when the industry remains concerned by the slow pace at which promised government investment is feeding through to work on site.

He added: “Recent events have shown that the nation’s infrastructure is urgently in need of improvement and the government must move to fast track projects, such as the road improvement schemes identified in the multi-modal studies, in order to ensure the prompt delivery of this much-needed investment, an issue that will be highlighted in the association’s updated report “Achievable Targets? Is Government Delivering”, to be published at the end of September.”