Gordon Cowley, one of the best known names in UK timber engineering, is heading up a new business in the sector following the closure of Cowley Structural Timberwork (CST).

The company, Timber Engineering Connections Ltd (TEC), has actually been registered since 1989, but had been semi-dormant. It has now acquired the remaining assets of Cowley Structural Timberwork from the receivers and is operating from the latter’s premises in Waddington, Lincolnshire.

TEC has a workforce of 16, some of whom worked for CST. The latter, which also operated out of premises in Lincoln, employed 50.

“We are focusing on smaller scale engineering projects than CST,” said Mr Cowley. “But we have established a working relationship with another company, Benchmark of Newbury, to take on larger contracts – we will undertake the fabrication and they will handle installation.”

TEC is specialising in “geometrically challenging” structures and “design solving” using primarily coniferous timber and engineered wood products, including LVL and glulam. It would not, said Mr Cowley , be “treading on the toes” of the commodity timber frame sector.

“We will also be undertaking some trussed rafter production,” he added.

CST went into receivership in February, blaming bad debt, too rapid expansion and cash flow problems.

TEC can be contacted at tec@cowleytimberwork.co.uk.