The Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET), is to hold a series of workshops for government buyers and suppliers at locations throughout the country in November and December.

The aim is to give participants hands on, practical experience through case studies to help the continued adoption of the procurement policy.

CPET service co-ordinator Kate Bottriell said three types of workshop would be offered.

A half-day introduction for buyers will introduce the government’s policy and answer questions about how it may affect people.

A full-day workshop for buyers will take participants through a case study and provide hands-on examples of assessing the legality and sustainability of timber in the context of the government’s policy.

And a full-day workshop for suppliers will also take participants through a case study and provide examples of how to ensure their supply meets the government’s policy requirements.

Ms Bottriell said the workshops were part of a series of initiatives that had come online since the launch of CPET Phase 2 in August. Other services include a helpline, and a website which is due to be launched within a few weeks.