The Central Point of Expertise for Timber Procurement (CPET) has updated its guidance on Category “B” evidence to show that timber and wood products are from legal and sustainable sources.

Category B evidence refers to all credible evidence, other than Category A evidence provided by certification schemes recognised for government requirements, that wood is from forests which meet legality and sustainability requirements.

The new guidance follows the release of an updated version of the government’s Timber Procurement Advice Note in July.

The advice note presents three Checklists which suppliers should use when submitting Category B evidence for a UK government supplier.

It is supported by two guidance documents which relate to preparing evidence to demonstrate the forest source was managed in a legal and sustainable manner and preparing supply chain information to demonstrate that timber supplied originated from a legal and sustainable forest source.

CPET will provide clarification about the changes in a seminar bring run in conjunction with The Timber Trade Federation, Defra and WWF in October.

At the event, four cases of Category B evidence will be presented and discussed.

For further information contact the CPET helpline on 01865 243766.