The compact Cube complements a set of Weinig equipment at Blumsom, sitting alongside two high-productivity Powermat moulders, an Opticut cross-cut, and FlexiRip rip saw, plus supporting grinders and Raimann multi-rips.

“It’s a machining capability we’ve developed over the last few years representing close to £1m in capital investment,” said chairman Robert Blumsom

“We’ve now added the Cube to take the pressure off our Powermats,” said Blumsom managing director Mark Price. “Its fixed head, zero set-up time format makes it ideal for rapid processing of short runs of PAR and one-offs. There’s no tool changing involved, it uses disposable knives, you push a few buttons and you’re ready to go.”

“It’s also gives us the added flexibility we need for our new while-you-wait, hour turn around milling service,” said Mr Blumsom. “We send customers to the local café for a coffee and their timber is ready when they come back.”

The April 5 open day included demonstrations of all Blumsom’s machinery and was expected to attract both the company’s own customers, and other timber businesses interested in the Weinig technology. Members of the Weinig UK team were on hand to talk guests through the equipment’s capabilities.