Cullen Building Products’ Concept Floor test rig at its Glenrothes headquarters is proving a valuable facility for others in the construction and engineered timber industries.

Launched in December last year the full-size calibrated test rig enables timber engineering connectors and engineered floors to be rigorously tested simultaneously under “on-site” conditions.

Boise Building Products, manufacturer and supplier of the Simple Framing System, including BCI Joists and Versa-Lam beams, recently spent three days at Cullen, undertaking system trials.

The first set of tests related to a timber frame module for Carronvale Timber Frame which was tested to check the load capacity of timber frame rim construction combining BCI Joists and Versa-Lam R rimboard in a series of different combinations.

Boise’s second set of tests related to the refinement of its own Standard Design Policy, an ethos echoed by Cullen in its development of “default floor” options for its customers.

The policy means that whenever Boise receives an enquiry it can apply the Standard Design Policy when it responds, providing there are no known instructions or requirements to the contrary.

Its policy will now include a number of Cullen’s connector solutions.

A major housebuilder has also shown interest in using the Concept Floor and an ongoing development programme with Cullen is under way.