Dubai-based Danube Building Materials has launched a new range of hardwood products targeted at joiners and specifiers.

The House of Wood range includes snakewood, birch burl, cocobolo, king rosewood, olive and black palmira, sourced from American, German, African, Romanian, Russian and Indian forests.

Danube said that it expects the House of Wood range to be an “overwhelming success” with the launch at Dubai Woodshow 2008 targeted at generating “brand awareness”.

“Recognising the immense prospects in introducing our new offering in a high impact event such as the Dubai Woodshow, the focus of our participation is to generate brand awareness and build stronger customer relationships,” said Danbe chairman Rizwan Sajan.

“Specifically, our presence at the event is centred at maximising the presence of interior designers, consultants and representatives from joineries, who are our direct market for hardwoods and laminates.”