Danzer sold the facility to a joint venture between hardwood producer Rossi Group and timberland investment firm Lyme Timber Co. The sale secured the 85 existing jobs at the Bradford facility; plus, the new ownership group is planning to add at least 20 new jobs. Danzer will stay in the North American lumber business with its lumber drying operations in Shade Gap, Pennsylvania.

Danzer opened the Bradford sawmill in 1988 to offer high quality American lumber to customers worldwide. Over the last years, it has invested in cutting-edge technology, such as a curve saw that increases the raw material yield by cutting flat boards out of swept logs.

“Still, the competitive dynamics didn’t allow [us] to differentiate the lumber product enough to fit Danzer’s strategy of seeking strong competitive advantages in all its businesses”, said Hans-Joachim Danzer, chief executive officer.

“We sought out and found an excellent buyer and operator for the Bradford sawmill complex,” added Greg Lottes, president of Danzer Lumber North America.

“The sale to the Lyme/Rossi group will be good for the skilled and dedicated employees at the Bradford plant and the local community. The combination of Rossi’s existing sawmill production and Lyme’s expanded timber base in Pennsylvania, makes for great synergy with the Bradford complex.”

Mr Lottes will continue to lead Danzer’s North American lumber activities, such as its Shade Gap business, which buys green lumber and then homogenously dries it.

The Shade Gap facility has 1.4 million board feet of kilns and dries most of the main North American species. The facility specialises in white oak and walnut from 4/4 to 12/4 with the walnut production supported by two on-site steamers. Planning and ripping services are also available.