The ban – which comes into force from July 1 – is prompting pub companies like Charles Wells to make changes to their outside areas to provide space where customers will be able to smoke – and that will meet anticipated government guidelines.

The deal – which involves Charles Wells, Finnforest and construction materials distributor Wolseley – will see the kits, comprising either a gazebo-styled building or a deck and pergola system, delivered to pubs in the next few months.

The deck and pergola system is made from a hardwearing recycled material, and, says Finnforest, requires maintenance. The deck boards have a grained surface designed specifically to cope with wet conditions, providing a ‘non-slip’ surface. They are also resistant to moisture and insect damage, which not only affects the stability of a structure but also its appearance.

The pergola design uses hardwearing softwood. It is designed with weatherboard-clad walls on five out of six sides and a Perspex roof.

Charles Wells project manager, David Broadhurst, said the smoking ban was evidence the tide of public opinion was turning against smokers.

“However, the comfort of our customers is of paramount importance, and both they and staff who smoke will require a safe and covered area that is fit for purpose,” he said.