Both ranges have a compact new design for greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

The B80NS is available in capacities from 8–10t, and Doosan says that businesses across a broad spectrum of industry – from manufacturing, engineering, and foundries, to building supplies, transport and warehousing – will benefit from the improved capability, power and performance of the new truck.

The versatility of electric power is now available in a durable and reliable heavy-lifting vehicle, built for working long-shifts in arduous conditions, making it a viable alternative to increasingly regulated internal combustion (IC) engine equivalents – all of which helps to save time and costs.

For those businesses requiring a truck for light to medium duties, Doosan has introduced a low-cost electric truck specified for the task.

The B60NX ‘value’ range, with three models covering a capacity range from 6 – 8t, offers the simple clean performance of electric power in a series of competitively priced high-capacity models – giving occasional users a reliable ‘buy new’ alternative to purchasing a second-hand or reconditioned forklift truck.

Designed for light to medium duties, Doosan says “the B60NX range offers all that’s needed to get the job done – without needing to spend large”. These compact zero-emission trucks are clean and quiet in operation.

“Companies that are currently considering contracts on high capacity IC engine trucks should at least be looking at the possibility of switching to electric powered forklifts as a way of reducing their long term costs, improving safety and cutting their carbon footprint,” said Jan Droogendijk, marketing supervisor, Doosan Industrial Vehicles.

“Electric trucks have come a really long way in the past few years and are now, with these new additions, a highly viable alternative to IC engine trucks for most applications.”