Using wireless communication (LTE, 3G, WiFi, GPS), the system automatically updates and reports on each individual forklift truck’s performance – maximising efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing safety across the fleet.

The ‘always on’ fleet management tool provides detailed information on service and breakdown history, battery charging/discharging, fuel efficiency and operating hours – including monitoring working/non-working hours within daily operations. Loading history and driving/idling data is also captured, allowing the optimum fleet size to be calculated, which could lead to significant cost savings through removing unnecessary trucks or a review of replacements.

The service history management function offers vital information on replaced parts, downtime and service records – with notifications automatically sent when parts are due for replacement. The system presents all the information needed for effective forklift fleet management, maximising equipment uptime and delivering significant operational cost savings.

Aiding compliance to Health & Safety requirements, Doosan’s advanced LIN-Q Smart Telematics System records vehicle speed and any shocks in real-time. Alerts are automatically sent to both the driver and manager when a speed limit is exceeded or if a shock is recorded. The system also enhances on-site safety and security by restricting vehicle usage to authorised drivers only. And importantly, the system requires a driver to carry out checks on a vehicle before being permitted to operate it.

The system enhances safety, helps prevent damage and preserves the value of the vehicle.

Helping businesses keep track of their valuable fleet assets, Doosan’s LIN-Q Smart Telematics System logs each vehicles’ location in real-time and issues a warning alarm if a forklift truck travels beyond its permitted working area or is operational outside working hours.

A regular monthly fleet management report is sent by email, offering detailed information on the operation of the forklift fleet – from operational performance, efficiency and uptime to managing consumables, service maintenance and impact reporting.

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