Dover Trussed Roof Co has supplied a total of 240 trussed rafters for an innovative new primary school in West Malling, Kent.

The company, a member of the Trussed Rafter Association, supplied the mono scissor rafters for the Discovery School in spans up to 13m. It used three different truss set-ups.

At the curved end of the building, where four classes are accommodated, the rafters splay out from a central lightwell created within the roof structure. From here the roofline steps down to a more conventional pitched roof and, as the point where the two roof styles meet internally is different from the external point, special truss configurations had to be used.

The main structure of the building is fast track steel frame so Dover Trussed Roof was on a tight five-week deadline to complete the 560m2 roof. The covering is slate, with inset roof lights.