Donaldson Timber Engineering (DTE) timber roof trusses have been enjoying on-screen fame this year, following their use in a high-profile project for Mars in Carperby, Wensleydale.

In the current television advert for Mars, which also features Premiership and England footballer Peter Crouch, DTE’s roof trusses can be seen as they’re erected onto a sports pavilion.

“The pavilion was organised by the local community and sponsored by Mars in a bid to help countryside football, said DTE regional sales manager Tim Hutchinson. “We were called in to design, manufacture and supply a cantilevered roof for the pavilion by local builder Scott Stephenson, one of our regular customers. Scott came to us looking for a roof which spectators could also shelter under while watching the football, so part of the design solution was to incorporate an overhang over the front of the building. This was achieved by using 35 stub trusses with 1170mm overhang on the right-hand side.”

The project should have taken six months to complete but, because to strict filming deadlines, the pavilion was required to be wind and watertight in just two-and-a-half months, ready for the advert to be filmed on January 7. It was officially opened on June 4.

“Meeting the deadline for the build wasn’t an issue for us, as we can get trusses to site in just seven days,” said Mr Hutchinson. “The only problem during the project was the weather, as the pavilion was built over one of the worst winters since records began. When the trusses were delivered it was almost impossible to get them up to the pavilion because of the snow, and Mars had to erect a heated tent over the pavilion while it was being built as it was so cold.

“Despite the weather, it was a terrific project to be involved in, and we’re delighted to be lined up to supply the roof for another of the Mars projects later in the year.”

This project was the first of many to be rolled out across the country by Mars, as part of the company’s commitment to encourage the nation to get together and take part in football.

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