DWB Boston Ltd, part of the DWB Group, has joined the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) two years after being established on the site of a former Palgrave Brown branch.

Steve Pinner, managing director of DWB Boston, said the company had no hesitation in joining TRA at the earliest opportunity and expressed delight at meeting the TRA’s qualifying standards required for product quality and service.

As a TRA member, DWB Boston is offered health and safety advice, technical support, PR and marketing, education and training.

“We find it a great selling point to be able to offer our customers the benefits of their chosen trussed rafter supplier being a member of TRA,” said Mr Pinner.

DWB Boston is engaged in roof truss production and manufacture of open-web joists.

Other DWB group members are DWB Roof Truss Ltd in Hull and DWB Anglia Ltd in Maldon, which operate as separate stand-alone companies but share the same DWB Timber Engineering branding.