"We see our future as continuing the evolution of the OSB family of products," said business development consultant Dave McElroy.

The products unveiled at Ecobuild were SterlingOSB Roofcoat; SterlingOSB Decorcoat; SterlingOSB Sitecoat; and SterlingOSB Armourcoat. All products use Norbord’s OSB3.

Roofcoat, designed for flat roofs, has a protective layer which can either be peeled off or have hot bitumen applied directly.

"It’s more weather-resistant than plywood and it’s easy to fix and easy to clean," said Mr McElroy.

Decorcoat is highly lacquered, tongue and groove flooring aimed at markets such as social housing and student accommodation.

"It’s structural flooring, so once you’ve laid the floor, you’ve laid the floor," said Mr McElroy.

Sitecoat is a square-edged primed board, ready for painting or application of site graphics. Norbord is to produce a brochure with information on fixing practices.

Armourcoat is Norbord’s response to the UK Timber Frame Association’s (UKTFA) SiteSafe guidelines. The intumescent-coated board is provided in different make-ups to meet each category level of the UKTFA guidance. UKTFA accreditation is pending.

An added attraction of the products, said Mr McElroy, was their UK manufacture which had a lower carbon footprint and removed the uncertainty of exchange rate fluctuations.

Norbord also used Ecobuild to publicise Better by Nature, its programme to highlight its environmental commitment. It includes the company’s campaign against the UK government’s strategy of large-scale biomass for electricity generation.

Linda Hovord, marketing manager Europe, said that Norbord, as a large user of timber in the UK, had a responsibility to raise issues on wood matters.

"We are trying to make a noise," she said.

Following on from the Stop burning our trees industry campaign last year, Norbord is now launching a national press advertising campaign, for which it hopes to attract celebrity endorsement.