An explosion and fire in the dry chip area of Egger‘s factory in Wismar on March 14 has shut down OSB production.

But the company is assuring customers that existing and incoming delivery obligations will be fulfilled on time and without interruption.

The MDF, flooring, impregnation and lamination production facilities and the adhesive factory were all unaffected by the incident.

It is hoped OSB production will recommence at the end of May – a target being facilitated by Coil Manufacturing Ltd of Canada. It originally supplied the two model 11×35 blenders that were destroyed in the fire, and has been able to replace them with two destined for a new OSB plant in Brazil, so shortening the normal delivery time of 14-16 weeks.

The blenders, which weigh 55,000lbs each and are normally shipped via ocean freight, were delivered by air freight.