A local councillor has urged a haulier and Egger Barony Ltd to introduce a “more robust and secure” system for transporting its products after a truck coming from the company spilled its load, blocking the A76 at Kirkconnel’s Guildhall Bridge for several hours on August 10.

Councillor Jim Dempster said it was the fifth incident involving trucks from the plant on the A76 in two years.

Egger said the load had been checked and that it had liaised with police and haulage experts on transport safety.

“This accident was not a normal Egger delivery and involved a DHL vehicle which had made a collection on behalf of a customer – something which happens from time to time,” said an Egger spokesperson. “Hauliers employed by Egger know what is required of them, and are obliged to ensure that their drivers are aware of the issues and nature of the roads leading to and from our Barony site. I can also confirm that this load was checked before leaving us and was securely fixed.”

He added that the company works closely on safety with the police, VOSA and local authorities, recently helping with the production of a driver training video.

“Last October, we also held a haulier open day and, once Dumfries and Galloway Police finish their investigation, we will be taking their advice on any additional measures we can implement to ensure the safety of drivers and the general public,” he said.